All our paid products come with a basic 6 month support plan. It means that whenever you have a question you can create a personal ticket at and receive qualified advice from our support team.

At we believe that nothing should stand between the code and your creativity. That’s why we do our best to meet the highest support standards and make your experience as smooth as possible. We do actually care about you and what you do, that’s why our support team is trained to treat your messages with proper attention.

We advice you to carefully read our Support Policy in order to acquire a full understanding of the terms and conditions for our support services.

Click here to learn more about available support plans.

Please note, however, although we?d love to help you with all your concerns, tasks, and problems, certain things fall beyond the scope of our support. In these cases you are welcome to use our paid customization services.

We Care

Our support team treats your messages with special attention. Comfortable support system and e-mail notifications will alert you once you receive a response.

We Love

We love our clients and we love what we do. The philosophy of love gives us the energy to create better products and to provide better support.

We Help

To us supporting our products means helping our clients overcome difficulties on a daily basis. You are not alone on that challenging journey of web development – we are there for you to help.