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Missing Badges Problem after Bikeway Sample Data Installation


A common problem after Bikeway sample data installation is missing badges.

It is usually marked by such error message upon demo data:

[ERROR] Failed to import “badge5” (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import “badge2” (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import “badge1” (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import “badge6” (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import “badge3” (Media)
[ERROR] Failed to import “badge4” (Media)

This is how the problem typically looks. Instead of looking like it should:

it looks like this:

To resolve this problem download an archive with the actual demo badges here. Remember, they should not be used on an actual live site and are meant to be used as an example to be replaced with your own properly licensed images. Extract images from the archive on your computer.

Go to the backend Visual Composer editor on your home page:

Find the row which holds the missing badges:

Use the edit button to edit each separate image element:

Inside of each element delete an existing image (if any) using the red X button in the middle, and add a new image from the archive you downloaded earlier:

Don’t forget to save changes to each element and update the whole page once you are done with image replacement:

VoilĂ : the missing badges have been successfully added:

P.S. Note that you can also rearrange them by simply dragging and dropping:

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