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How to edit Shop Departments menu dropdown within Chromium theme

Mentioned dropdown is based on our unique tz-hoverable-tabs element. How to edit HOVERABLE TABS:

This element is a set of shortcodes  One, the main shortcode, or an element in the case when it’s used on the page, not in the actual mega menu, is TZ Hoverable Tabs. It holds several positions, which can be added or deleted, and each of them holds a shortcode with a template id: Each of those template id’s refers to one of the templates in Elementor –> My templates:To look up a template id, you need to hover your mouse cursor over the Edit button under the template, that how you can see the id of each template:By changing ids in the main element you can choose which template is going to be displayed. To edit the hoverable tabs, you actually need to edit the corresponding templates at Elementor –> My templates with Elementor: Some templates are used twice, so if you want to use the same template, but have different content in it every time, you can export the needed template: and then import it again:That way the template will be a copy of the existing one, will have the same looks, but will have a different id, thus will be an independent entity. You can then edit it the way you want and insert it’s id in the parent TZ Hoverable Tabs element.

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