General Solutions&FAQ


General Solutions & FAQ


  1. How to replace default “image not found” for products on archive,single pages etc…
  2. Incorrect menu output on mobile and tablet devices
  3. Sort your products according to their stock status (“in stock” products will be displayed first)
  4. Icons replacement in theme elements
  5. Slow site speed and how to deal with it
  6. How to fix WordPress auto spacing problem
  7. Custom menu items limit in WordPress
  8. Infinite scroll while trying to set product attributes for variable products (IG Pagebuilder)
  9. How to limit quantity of characters in Product titles
  10. Contact Form 7 Not Working – How to Fix
  11. How to backup WordPress widgets without risking to lose them after theme update
  12. Apply custom CSS to WordPress admin area
  13. How to Edit Required WooCommerce Checkout Fields
  14. How to fix Woocommerce Emails notifications
  15. WooCommerce Sitewide Notice Location and Usage
  16. How to make Slider Revolution responsive
  17. How to change Woocommerce out of stock text
  18. Woocommerce Product Tabs and how to edit them
  19. Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again. how to fix guide
  20. Remove Additional Information Tab WooCommerce Tutorial
  21. How to limit product titles on your project


  1. How to turn on WP_DEBUG mode in WordPress
  2. How to downgrade Woocommerce to one of the previous versions without losing any data
  3. Simple Way to Add Contact Form 7 Placeholder Text

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