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Revolution Slider responsive settings

Slider Revolution is a really outstanding tool and contains lots of helpful settings to make it fully responsible on your current WordPress site. But, because of its resource intensiveness, we strongly recommend to disable it on mobile and tablet devices to increase site speed parameters. And here is additional option that is responsible for this feature: wp-dashboard–>Slider Revolution–>settings–>layout & visual

At the same time, lots of users prefer to display it on mobile and tablet devices. Probably, it will be useful to discuss several really helpful suggestions how to make all slides fully responsible on screens with different dimensions:

  1. Slider Layout. Slider Revolution gives an opportunity to set layer grid size for each slide within wp-dashboard–>Slider Revolution–>settings–>Slider layout 
  2. Respect/Aspect Ratio feature keeps aspect ratio and ignores max height of Layer Grid upscaling. Layer area will be vertically centered.
  3. The other useful point is focus feature wp-dashboard–>Slider Revolution–>Slider Editor–>Main background–>Source Settings–>Background Position  and change position of background imageFeel free to watch detailed video tutorial about all 3 suggestions above.

Unfortunately, all of these advices are useless for text, revolution slider text not responsive at all.


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  1. Hi, I have an issue that the slider does not adjust to full screen after turning the iPad for horizontal to vertical. How to fix that? The rest of the page does adjust.

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