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Remove Additional Information Tab WooCommerce Tutorial

How to remove additional information tab WooCommerce

WooCommerce additional information tab often needs to be removed, because it does not reflect site owner’s needs and desires. The tab cannot be edited directly and will only show if the product has weight, dimensions or attributes. There is no way to edit this tab directly in the what you see is what you get way, so it’s often needed to just delete or hide this tab.

There are 2 ways of doing this we recommend – CSS and PHP.

How to remove additional information tab WooCommerce using CSS:

To hide additional information tab with CSS you need to add the following code to Appearance -> Customize -> Addtitional CSS:

/* Hide the additional information tab */
li.additional_information_tab {
    display: none !important;

Once you save changes, the additional information tab should be hidden on your site, but you will still be able to find it in the html code of your page:

Although visually removed, the additional information WooCommerce tab is still visible in the single product page code

How to remove additional information tab WooCommerce using PHP:

  1. Use FTP (or SFTP if it’s available on your host) to access your site files
  2. Go to wp-content folder of the needed WordPress install, then to themes folder, and open the functions.php of the theme you use on your site (the active one)
  3. At the bottom insert the following code and save the changes to the file on your server

The code:

// Remove the additional information tab
function woo_remove_product_tabs( $tabs ) {
    unset( $tabs['additional_information'] );
    return $tabs;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'woo_remove_product_tabs', 98 );

This simple manipulation should help you to remove the additional information tab from your site. Don’t forget to move this code snippet to your new copy of the theme when performing an update. Or you can use a child theme to avoid the necessity of moving the code with each theme update. You can learn more about additional information WooCommerce tab in the official WooCommerce documentation.

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