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How to configure colors in Max Mega Menu within HandyStore theme

Max Mega Menu is a really outstanding tool that allows to take full control of your navigation. Organize your site content by adding images, icons, maps or any other WordPress widget to your navigation. Automatically replace your existing theme menu, or use a Widget, Shortcode or PHP function to display your menus. Create Mega Menus the WordPress way. Build your mega menus using the familiar WordPress menu interface.

Max Mega Menu was successfully integrated to Handystore theme. All available features are located in Max Mega Menu native settings, just follow: wp-dashboard–>Max Mega Menu–>settings to observe all of them. In this article we’ll discuss how to set colors in HandyStore theme. First of all, make sure that Max Mega Menu is active. Enter wp-dashboard–>appearance–>menus and enable it if needed.

Next step is to enter each Max Mega Menu settings tab and configure color settings according to needed color scheme.

When changes will be saved and successfully applied, some of menu elements will still be green.

Use this code to resolve the situation:

/*--menu styles--*/
#mega-menu-wrap-primary-nav #mega-menu-primary-nav > li.mega-menu-flyout ul.mega-sub-menu li.mega-menu-item:not(.mega-menu-item-has-children) a.mega-menu-link::after {
background:#a6d98c !important;
#mega-menu-wrap-primary-nav #mega-menu-primary-nav > li.mega-menu-megamenu > ul.mega-sub-menu > li.mega-menu-item li.mega-menu-item > a.mega-menu-link:hover,
.most-viewed-entry-meta a:hover, .recent-posts-entry-meta a:hover, .sidebar a:not(.button):active, .sidebar a:not(.button):hover,
.recent-post-list .comments-qty i, .recent-post-list .views-qty i, .most-viewed-list .comments-qty i, .most-viewed-list .views-qty i,
.mega-sub-menu .product_list_widget li a:hover {
color:#a6d98c !important;
ul.product_list_widget ins {
background:transparent !important;

Just copy/paste is to wp-dashboard–>appearance–>customize–>additional CSS field  , replace color HEX code with needed one.



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