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How to Recreate the Mega Menu Under Pages on Handy

One of the common questions on Handy WooCommerce WordPress theme is how to recreate this mega menu under the “Pages” menu item:

This task is a little bit counterintuitive, that’s why some detailed explanation is needed.

1. First of all, in your WordPress dashboard you need to go Appearance -> Menus stack the menus one under another:

2. Then you need to set the parent element’s max mega menu settings. To do this hover over the parent menu item and click on the mega menu link:

3. Make sure your settings are set like this:

Please see the full screenshot here:

4. Go to Appearance -> Menus ->Screen Options:

5. Make sure CSS classes are enabled:

6. Add (type in) fixed-width css class to the parent menu item:

Don’t forget to save changes.

7. Now we need to sprinkle the result with some icons. To add icons, hover the second-level menu items, like you did with the top-level menu item in step 2.

8. Select an icon for each of the second-level menu items in the icons submenu. Unfortunately, only the set of icons which comes with our theme is available if you use the free version of Max Mega Menu plugin.

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