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WC Vendors demo vendors and how to import them to your current Handy site


Handy theme is fully compatible with all recent WC Vendors and WC Vendors PRO plugin versions. In our live demo you can observe 6 demo vendors and, occasionally, customers without any experience don’t know how to deal with this part of functionality.


Just follow this step by step instruction and download demo vendors without any problems:

  1.  First of all, make sure WC Vendors or WC Vendors PRO is active. If it’s not, just enter PLUGINS section and install/activate it.
  2. Download Import Users from CSV additional plugin and install/activate it within wordpress dashboard.
  3. Then download CSV file with Handy theme demo vendors.
  4. Unzip archive and open handy-vendors.csv file with text editor (Notepad++ for example).
  5. Replace all 6 handy.themes.zone URLs with needed ones. Save changes.csv-file-editing
  6. Follow wp-dashboard–>users–>import from CSV and upload edited CSV file.import-csv-file
  7. Feel free to enter wp-dashboard–>all users and set “VENDOR” user role for all imported users, if needed.
  8. Copy/paste helpful shortcode to wp-dashboard–>appearance–>Handy Theme Options–>Footer Options
[handy_vendors_carousel autoplay="true"  cols_qty="5" items_number="6" el_title="Our Vendors"]


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