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Sample Data Installation for Handy WooCommerce Theme

You should not install sample data on an existing website – it’s database will be deleted and replaced with sample one. You also should not run sample data installer on a WordPress MultiSite – the database for all you overwritted as well. As long as you are using one database for several sites all of these sites may be lost.

Handy Sample Data FAQ:

1. How to edit the demo banner and carousel in the sidebar of Home Page?

14 thoughts on “Sample Data Installation for Handy WooCommerce Theme”

  1. when I installed sample data, and reload site, load this URL “http://localhost/wordpress/my-account/” and get this message ” The requested URL /wordpress/my-account/ was not found on this server. ” I´ve deactive plugin, but problem still.

  2. hi,

    awesome theme guys, but how is it possible to get the old style back ? like button style (i dont like the new one actually) and is there any possibility to get some banner like the shopify version with woocommerce, also will an integration with dokan or other marketplace would be possible soon ? thanks a lot

  3. I followed the directions to the Widget Setting Import and am receiving the following errror message: “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

  4. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this video.
    I did exactly all what is in the video, all is almost ok.

    But I do not have the pictures for :
    – new vendor shop and
    – the logo into who we are module

    How fix this ?


  5. Hello
    I have been having problems installing the Handy store demo data.
    I have done it three times and it still isn’t correct.
    How much would you charge me to do the proper installation?

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