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Chromium WooCommerce Tire Shop Theme

A great site is a site that looks and works well. It has a modern feel and looks, suits well the needs. Chromium WooCommerce tire shop theme is a new demo of Chromium WordPress Theme that is going to help to make your site great (again – in some cases :).

WooCommerce Tire Shop Based on Elementor

Chromium wheels and tires WordPress theme is a new demo we created for Chromium WordPress Theme. The new demo, like all other demos for this theme, uses one of the most popular and advanced page builders for WordPress at the moment – Elementor.

In addition, we add a set of unique Elementor elements with the help of TZ Feature Pack plugin. The plugin is an integral part of the Chromium theme. It adds Chromium theme options and unique elements to your site.

An awesome filtration system is another key feature of the tire shop demo. The PRO version of the WOOF plugin (WooCommerce Products Filter) which you get with the theme for free. Therefore, you are getting a lot of additional value at no additional cost.

What the Home Page Consists of

Let’s take a look at what the home page of the new demo data consists of! By default, the header has a huge background image in its base. This background can be used as the main banner of your site. In other words, it’s the first thing your visitors see. Images you use there will help your customers understand what your site is about. They can also help you promote your best products right away and stun your existing and potential client with a wow-factor such header provides.

Site logo, convenient menu, basic WooCommerce search, WooCommerce mini-cart make the header minimalistic and comfortable. At the same time, it captures your customers’ attention and focuses it on what’s important.

Six unique banners above give you a possibility to link them to any desired destination. It can be your shop page, product category page, single product page, blog post, contacts page – you name it.

Just like in other demos of Chromium auto parts WordPress theme, you can add useful product carousels to pages which run on Elementor.

You can also add elements which are going to show different brands you deal with and describe some of the most important features that make your site unique. We also provide an element that can show your latest blog posts. Demo predictably ends with a 4-column footer where you can place important info and links.

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