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How to make a WordPress Website based on Elementor 2019

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In this article, we’ll discuss useful suggestions about WordPress & Elementor page builder usage. Both are, by far, the best CMS & contentbuilder on a market. Over 75 million private & corporate customers are using WordPress to host their websites, so, in most cases, this becomes a challenge to choose proper hosting between the hundreds of website hosting offers. Major online marketplace or personal blog, there is no matter for this CMS, it will deal with lots of similar tasks. So popular, because of customizability and ease of use. However, you can lose your mind, trying to find excellent hosting plan, free contentbuilder and WordPress theme. Therefore, we have reviewed all the stuff for you, found perfect ones to fit your website needs. We have considered all important points such as price, reliability, features, control panel, technical support  to help you make an informed decision and overcome fundamental fears on this matter:)

Hosting & WordPressLet’s look deeper at each of important points below. The very first thing that you should start with is hosting company. To run WordPress, all you need is a host with PHP version 7.2,  MySQL 5.5.56 or higher, wp memory limit 256mb at least. These requirements essentially mean that you’re able to use WordPress faster and more efficiently. All hosts weren’t made equal, however, so it is better to choose a quality WordPress hosting. Site speed depends on multiple factors, your hosting plan plays a huge role in it. One of your priorities is to give better search engine ratings and provide a better user experience for your customers as well. If you are interested in such kind of functionality, just try this awesome hosting plan by creating a ticket here stating “Hosting candidate” in the title. If you have less than 1 Gigabyte site and less than several hundred visitors per day – you will be absolutely satisfied with this hosting offer. By the way, you’ll be surprised with its price as well, less than 18$ a month.

Next point is WordPress. We strongly recommend to avoid pre-installed WordPress and use recent version, previously downloaded from Be ready to observe all needed hints on the matter of quick WordPress installation here.

Diamond City theme & Elementor 

WordPress theme and Elementor contenbuilder are last pair of tools to complete the bundle of excellent web environment. Diamond City Jewelry Woocommerce theme will be the starter WordPress theme in this tutorial. Sophisticated & memorable, well-coded & optimized, overloaded with unique features/Elementor elements and based on Woocommerce, number one commercial platform ever. All of these, were combined by themesdotzone team. This comprehensive functionality gives freedom to create unique brilliant jewelry marketplace from scratch to complete website, ruins all stereotypes of web development you may ever heard before.

Tons of WordPress themes are available nowadays, but, experienced users always prefer to launch their projects with premium themes. Diamond City Woocommerce theme is one of them. Once downloaded, unzip the compressed folder to see the structure of package and be ready to install/activate it:

1. Go to THEME folder, there you will find a packaged folder, upload the package to wp-content/themes/ folder of your WordPress and uncompress it. Once uncompressed, the theme can be activated.

2. Go to backend section of your WordPress site (https://link_to_your_site/wp-admin/), then go to Appearance -> Themes and activate the DiCi Theme). More details on this matter here…

3.When you click on “Activate” button to activate DiCi Theme, you will see the notice offering you to install required and recommended plugins. Click “Begin installing plugins”, on the screen that appears, next select the plugins you want to be installed, pick “Install” in Bulk Actions select box and click “Apply” button. For optimal user experience install and activate all recommended plugins.

Elementor pagebuilder absorbed all useful elements and settings to provide only positive user experience. Lots of Diamond City Jewelry theme unique features are based on Elementor:

  • Front-end visual editor displays applied changes in real time;
  • Create any content layout or page layout according to what your current WordPress theme allows you to do;
  • Doesn’t require any knowledges in HTML, CSS or PHP coding;
  • So well-optimized and free;

As you can see, once you entered “Import Demo data” area, there will be 5 available demo datas: DiCi Demo (Jewelry Shop), DiCi Demo (Jewelry Boutique), DiCi Demo (Handmade Jewelry Artist), DiCi Demo (Jewelry Marketplace), DiCi Demo (Custom Jewelry Designer). Import needed version. You should know that there is enough just to import only 1 Demo data. Other templates come with theme package (dummy data directory) and can be imported anytime via Elementor’s Import tool. Each Demo Data of this WordPress theme gives an opportunity not to waste time with building layouts from the very beginning and use pre-built ones:

Stay informed with Elementor drag&drop system and default layout features/widgets.

Each section has its own settings, such as layout/style/advanced:

  • Layout (allows to edit content width, height, content gap, position etc.)
  • Style (brings the possibility to edit background, border, shape divider, typography etc.)
  • Advanced (secton margin, padding, z-index, hover effects, responsive features and even custom CSS possibility)

Diamond City WordPress theme is equipped with tz-feature-pack plugin that is responsible for more than 20 custom elements/widgets. Let’s look deeper at 7 most used ones that were developed especially for Elementor. Enter Elementor dashboard and type “TZ” in Search field and system will light out all of them for you:

  • Icon Box – the element allows you to choose icon out of the predefined list, add text next to it and link the whole element to a URL
  • Product Categories – the element outputs the desired product categories in a carousel

  • Banner – allows you to add an image, text and link the resulting banner to a URL

  • Posts Carousel – outputs posts in a carousel

  • Products Categories for Mega Menu – allows you to add product categories to the mega menu

  • Advanced Tabs – outputs tabs with other Elementor elements inserted in each tab with the help of a shortcode

  • Product Tabs – adds a carousel of products enriched with some visual effects

Themesdotzone, a dedicated team, 8 years in the making, of experienced members, who easily handle multiple WordPress projects and supports each of own WordPress themes the best way. Diamond city Woocommerce Jewelry theme is not an exception, just take a look at theme documentation to make sure that you shouldn’t pass by this elegant Woocommerce theme.

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