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A Perfect Jewelry Banner for a WordPress Jewelry Site

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Designers and website owners often ask themselves: what does it take to create a perfect jewelry banner. And it’s a tough one to answer because there are numerous approaches to the problem. Marketers will most likely talk about call to action and click-through rates. Designers will talk about images, fonts, and text positioning. Website developers will discuss technologies which help to create those banners. And they will be right. If you are a big company, like Tiffany, you can do all kinds of things on your site. You can afford any marketers, developers, designers, and artists to work on your site. You can probably even have Banksy to design your jewelry banners, why not? And yet those big guys still tend to keep things simple. Because it’s efficient, and beautiful too.

So, Why your Perfect Jewelry Banner Should Be Imperfect?

I’m a tech guy, but I do have an eye for good design. I’ve seen thousands of websites in my life. And I worked with hundreds of website owners. One of the common mistakes they make – they work on their website design and content for a long time, literally for years, before releasing their sacred child to the public. And once they do they often feel disappointed that no one seems to appreciate what they’ve done. Nobody visits their site, nobody buys their products. Honestly, that’s a very pathetic situation to be in. You don’t want that to happen to you.

Diamond City Theme – a demo fragment

In my humble opinion building a website, a banner, is not about polishing for years and waiting for a miracle to happen, it’s about acting and trying different things. That’s why your perfect jewelry banner shouldn’t be perfect. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to implement mediocre solutions. I just urge you to accept the imperfection, to embrace it. I’m sure you already know that perfection does not exist. It’s just an imaginary barrier that cannot be reached. So once you have a feeling that your creation is good enough – just go ahead and release it.

You may have already created a hit without even knowing it. The only way of knowing is trying. Especially if you are a small business or just one person who makes some genuine jewelry in small amounts at home. Be sure, your audience will forgive your imperfections. If you have something to say – they will listen! If you have something of value to sell – they will buy it! But hey, you need to show what you’ve got!

Diamond City Offers Great Jewelry Banners

You can use a predesigned solution to show your product in a quick, effective, and beautiful way. Like a set of banners on the best site to sell handmade jewelry on (it’s always your own site). Take Diamond City Jewellery WordPress Theme – a WordPress theme for jewelry store that comes with a set of lovely banners that will help you demonstrate the beauty of your products to your audience. This theme has a set of gorgeous banners designed to sell your products like nothing else in the world.

Gentle jewelry banners from Diamond City demo
Gentle jewelry banners from Diamond City demo

Diamond City comes with multiple demo data sets which offer many different banner designs, like the gentle ones you see above. It is easy to create such a banner – it will only take several minutes in the Elementor plugin. You can easily play with backgrounds, fonts, colors, and images. Our pre-designed banners will help you get up and going in a fast yet fancy manner.

With our theme, you will be able to create all kinds of banners. I’m sure you’ll find something you are going to love.

Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions about Diamond City theme. You can contact us through the support chat on this page, or create a ticket at

You can learn more about Diamond City WordPress theme in theme documentation.


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