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Best WordPress Hosting for Your Start-Up in 2018

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Dear clients! We know that many of you are looking for the best WordPress hosting for your start up in 2018. We know that site speed is very important for your sites.

High site speed provides a better user experience for your customers and gives you better search engine ratings as well. While your site speed depends on multiple factors, your hosting plays a huge role in it. That’s why we decided to launch an experiment and to share our nice host with several customers of ours. If you use one of our WordPress themes, if your site weighs less than 1 Gigabyte in total and you have no more than several hundred visitors per day – you are welcome to apply for participation in our hosting experiment. Price is $200 per year, first-month money-back guaranteed. It means that we will return you your money if you are still not happy with your site speed during the first month of our hosting usage.

If you are interested, please create a ticket here stating “Hosting candidate” in the title.

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Ellie Free Fashion WordPress Theme – Comprehensive Review of Options

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Ellie free fashion WordPress theme is a great top-tier theme that offers you a lot of benefits. It is common for other free fashion WordPress themes to offer your very little. Unlike that, Ellie offers you demo data, great theme options, regular updates, and a fair amount of personal one-on-one support at no cost whatsoever. In this post, we are going to review the most important and outstanding features and options of Ellie.

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Handy – a WordPress Marketplace Theme You are Going to Love

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If you ever googled “how to make money online without investment” or “how to make money online with affiliate marketing”, then you probably know that you don’t necessarily have to have a product to start a successful business. Creating products is often expensive and time-consuming. And it is very risky as well. I’m not saying it is not worth trying – it definitely is. Handy WordPress Marketplace theme itself is a product, and it’s an honor for me to be a part of its team. However, creating products is tricky. Some products may sell well, while other may not sell at all. This can create massive revenue fluctuations, which can result in a cascade of cash flow crises, and that’s not good for business at all.

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7 Handmade WordPress Themes to Buy in 2018

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The demand for handmade goods has been rising exponentially ever since digitalization hit the industry. With the rise of online e-commerce sites, minor vendors received an unprecedented possibility to advertise and sell their products nationwide, even globally. WordPress, as one of the most popular, free, and user-friendly website CMS, has contributed a lot to the trend. In this post I gathered 7 outstanding handmade WordPress themes which, in my humble opinion, are worth to be used as a foundation for your handmade site in 2018.

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7 WordPress Wedding Themes You Should Consider Buying in 2018

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There is no need to tell how important weddings can be in modern society. Sometimes it looks like weddings are third the most complicated human activity after microprocessor production and Moon landings.

The amount of precision and perfection applied in this particular area can be endlessly abnormal. That’s why finding a perfect wordpress wedding theme is a must if you want everything to be perfect on the digital side of the celebration. That is if you need a wedding wordpress theme at all, of course.

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Issues You May Encounter Using Handy v. 5.0+ and How to Fix Them

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This is a list of issues you may encounter when using Handy WooCommmerce theme version 5.0 and higher. Most of these issues will be gone soon. Please note that this article is going to be updated with new materials. If you observe the problem which is not in this list – please create a ticket at


Handy v. 5.0 and Higher Important Update Information

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Dear customers!

Since version 5.0 some of the Handy’s functionality has been moved from the theme itself to plugins.

Once you update from a lower version to Handy version 5.0 or higher you need to:

1. Install, and activate the Handy Feature Pack plugin. You will be able to find this file ( in the required plugins folder of your theme folder. In your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin and choose from your hard drive to install and activate the plugin. In future this plugin needs to be re-installed with each theme update.

2. Install and activate Kirki Toolkit plugin. The theme will suggest to install it. You can also download and install Kirki manually:

General theme update algorithm is the following:

1. Create a full backup of your site. All site files and the database. You should do this to be able to restore the site in case of an unsuccessful update.

2. Through your WordPress dashboard update plugins to their latest version. At least the very important ones, like WooCommerce.

3. Through your WordPress dashboard switch your site to a neutral theme, like Twenty Seventeen.

4. If you made customization in the theme you want to update, make sure that customization is going to be moved to the new updated version of the theme. Otherwise you may loose it. If the customization was significant you may want to use the help of an experienced developer to properly move it to the updated theme version.

5. Download the latest theme version from Envato. Prepare it for the upload.

6. Delete the old theme in your WordPress dashboard or via FTP/SSH.

7. Upload the new updated version of the theme via WordPress dashboard or FTP/SSH.

8. Activate it (or child theme, if you use one) in your WordPress dahsboard.

9. Finish moving customization if any.

Please contact our support team if you encounter problems with your theme update.

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StoreX 1.12 Important Update Information

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StoreX 1.12 update introduces a new map plugin called Google Maps Easy. It replaces the existing map output through Page Builder shortcode. It means that once you update your theme your existing map can stop working and will start showing a shortcode instead:


From the Blog section of our demo home page will also be showing just the shortcode after the update:

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Meet BikeStore – the New Awesome Free WooCommerce Theme

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Meet the new BikeStore WooCommerce WordPress bicycle theme! This free WooCommerce theme is a mixture of elegant style with elegant code. This theme can become a great foundation of your online business. Feel free to check out the online demo of the theme here!

Hey, it’s free, for real!

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