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Special hosting offer for our readers!

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A lot of our customers ask us to recommend a hosting for their WooCommerce sites and after testing the best ones on the market we think WP Engine hosting is the best for WooCommerce powered online shops. WP Engine servers are configured to run WordPress and WooCommerce sites as smoothly as possible, they are always up to date, simplest to configure and their support is just outstanding.

So for all our readers here is a special offer from us, 20% discounts for:


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Free WooCommerce Ajax Quantity Plugin from Themes Zone

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Not so long ago one of our clients asked us to add some additional functionality to one of our themes. The client wanted to add a quantity field to each product on product listing page, so that when a customer clicks on “add to cart” button a quantity field appears and a customer is able to change the number of items of a product added to cart without having to go to shopping cart page, thus emulating real life experience in the super market where you can add to cart as many items of a product as you want at once without having to to go cash register to do that.

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Twitter Feed – Free Prestashop Module

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Hello guys! It’s New Years and I have a giveaway for you. Recently I have found myself looking for a simple twitter feed module for Prestashop, but then decided to make one. The module has a set of options to control the output. You can set: Number of tweets to show, wether to show icons and images, wether to show the time of the tweet and wether to show interaction buttons like retweet etc. You can also select what hook to display the module in.

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Manufacturers Slider – Free Prestashop Module

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Hey guys we have put together another free prestashop module. Today it is a Prestashop Manufacturers Slider. The module is Responsive and mobile ready. You can set the number of logos to show in each view, mobile, tablet, desktop etc. Fill free to download it.

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Manufacturers Slider Demo

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Is you theme mobile ready?

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Today Google announced about a new feature in search – Mobile Friendly Marker. Now when user searches with google from a mobile devices the results of the search will be returned with a Mobile Friendly Marker, informing the user that the link in search result will return a mobile friendly site. It is definitely the time to check if your theme is mobile ready.

Google offers a tool for that: Mobile-Friendly Test

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New Products Carousel – Free Prestashop Module

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New Products Carousel – Free Prestashop Module
Themes Zone has a giveaway for you today. We are given away our Prestashop Module -Products Carousel. It is extra powerful with a set of settings to control module’s view, layout and behaviour. The module is easy to install and use. It is responsive and Prestashop 1.6 Ready.

Check the live demo here
Download Free Prestashop Module – Products Carousel

Module Allows to display Featured Products, New Products or Bestsellers on your Prestashop Home Page. Module comes with a lot of options allowing you to set the number of products for mobile and tablet display. You can also set a number of products to scroll, show or hide navigation, set autoplay
PS: Updated, version 0.9.5 – Now you can also select a category to display in the carousel.

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Five Things You Should do Before Building a Website with online shop capabilities.

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So you or your client need an online shop to sell online but it should be something easy to use, lightweight and as comfortable as your favourite WordPress. The first idea that may visit your head is: Why don’t I try one of those WordPress e-commerce plugins they have out there? And really why not? You have your inexpensive WordPress hosting that you rely on, you know WordPress like the palm of your hand, but… There are 5 things you should know before moving on with this nice solution.

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Top Tips to Create a Successful Online Store

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Creating an online store is a big deal, however it is quite easy to do with a number of resources and tools available nowadays. The other challenge is to make your e-shop a really attended and favourite place in terms of customers’ attention and a successful niche in terms of making profit. To cut the long story short, not every online store you launch is going to bring you as much money as you want just at the drop of a hat. It is obvious that you should do something to turn your web store into a competitive business, and today we are going to give some theoretic helping hand regarding this issue. Especially for you we thought over the most effective tips following which you could set up a truly successful online store. Get ready to learn something useful now!

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