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Free WooCommerce Ajax Quantity Plugin from Themes Zone

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Not so long ago one of our clients asked us to add some additional functionality to one of our themes. The client wanted to add a quantity field to each product on product listing page, so that when a customer clicks on “add to cart” button a quantity field appears and a customer is able to change the number of items of a product added to cart without having to go to shopping cart page, thus emulating real life experience in the super market where you can add to cart as many items of a product as you want at once without having to to go cash register to do that.

We thought others can use such a functionality as well and made a Free WooCommerce Ajax Quantity Plugin out of it. Once you activate the plugin it is ON by default, so when a customer on your site clicks “add to cart” button on product listing page a quantity field with increment / decrement buttons appear so your customer can change the number of a specific item in the cart.

If you need to change the look of the quantity field and the increment / decrement buttons then just override the styles used in the public/css/tz-wc-ajax-qty-public.css in your theme’s style css or child theme.

The demo of Free WooCommerce Ajax Quantity Plugin here

Download Free WooCommerce Ajax Quantity Plugin on our GitHub Page

If you have any comments, questions and requests please use the comments section below the post.

Enjoy using our Free WooCommmerce Ajax Quantity Plugin.

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