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5 Best Furniture WordPress Themes

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How awesome is it to sit in a greatly built chair on a porch of a wooden house which stands right on the edge of a cliff? How great it is to sit at the super-comfortable table and passionately work on a masterpiece? You can hear multiple answers to these questions. But whatever they say, there clearly is no limit to perfection when it comes to furniture. And, thereby, there is no limit to perfection when it comes to a furniture WordPress theme.

Furniture as we know it appeared thousands years ago, and since then it has been an inevitable part of our lives. We eat on furniture, sleep on furniture, work on furniture, dream and create on furniture. Basically we live on furniture and with furniture. No wonder that the furniture business niche has expanded dramatically and became a never-dying business trend of all times.

And with popularity high competition has arrived to the niche as well. Surviving in a competitive climate of confusion and change became a challenge. Yes, as furniture website templates producers we realize that supreme quality fears no competition. We do know how hard it is to make a product of high quality and how insanely happy customers can be when they find a product they were dreaming of. We know that finding a product that you like is like seeing colors for the first time in your life. But people need to be able to find and to recognize that product-of-their-dream first. That’s why the product needs to be properly represented. And that’s what furniture website templates (WordPress themes in our case) are meant for.

Neat, clean, gorgeous, these pieces of digital artwork contain thousands working hours of highly qualified designers, developers and testers. Furniture WordPress themes listed below also come with professional support and thorough documentation.

Each theme represents months of research, graphic design and web development performed by experienced professionals, which all comes to a set of beautiful graphics and code. And you can obtain such product with updates and support at a very reasonable price. We strongly believe that these furniture WordPress themes can become a wonderful kick-start for you business in the web.

Dash – Handmade Furniture Marketplace Theme


Demo | Details

Dash furniture WordPress theme is is a stylish responsive and easy to use theme based on WooCommerce WordPress plugin. This furniture theme is a great start for any one who is looking to open his/her custom furniture shop or marketplace. Dash comes with plenty of features, like out of the box layout configurator that allows you to set custom layouts on each of you static pages, blog, and shop pages. You can also set colors and fonts through the theme’s control panel.

Dash furniture theme comes with demo data, detailed documentation, and ticket support system.

Simen – MultiPurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme


Demo | Details

Furnisher – WooCommerce WordPress Furniture Theme


Demo | Details

Furnisher – Furniture Shop WordPress WooCommece theme is a great theme for you to start your online furniture shop. This theme will be a good start for vintage furniture or modern, custom furniture shop. It will also be a great start for a handmade furniture store. Theme comes in yellow / black color scheme that we think best suits this type of online shops. Our WordPress Theme comes with number of settings that allow you to configure your shop to meet your demands. Visual Composer will help you quickly and easy build content and custom page. Installation of the theme will be quick and easy, package contains sample data for a faster start. Our support team will guide you through the installation and configuration process.

VG Cendo – WooCommerce WordPress Theme for Furniture Stores


Demo | Details

Handy – WooCommerce WordPress Handmade Theme and Marketplace


Demo | Details

Although not tailored specifically for furniture, Handy WooCommerce WordPress theme is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to create a good-looking option-rich online marketplace. This theme will be a great solution if you are building an on-line shop to sell handmade goods, crafts, vintage items, jewellery, furniture or anything else. Theme is fully compatible with WC Vendors Plugin that allows you to turn your Handmade items shop into fully working marketplace so that other vendors can submit their products to your marketplace. Handy WordPress theme has been hand crafted to fit the target market. This WordPress Theme comes with Sample Data for you to start even faster, you will be able to replicate Handy – WordPress Theme’s live demo on your domain/hosting within minutes. Handy Theme’s options panel will help you set your logo, fonts and colors with out touching the code. Selling handmade goods, hand crafted items or vintage products online has never been easier with Handy WordPress WooCommerce Theme.

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