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Meet BikeStore – the New Awesome Free WooCommerce Theme

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Meet the new BikeStore WooCommerce WordPress bicycle theme! This free WooCommerce theme is a mixture of elegant style with elegant code. This theme can become a great foundation of your online business. Feel free to check out the online demo of the theme here!

Hey, it’s free, for real!

BikeStore is a free WooCommerce theme, and this can be seen as a huge advantage. Although traditionally free products do not get exclusive one on one support and do not come in a bundle with a bunch of premium plugins, an obvious advantage of a free theme is the simplicity of it’s acquisition. It’s easy to test drive the theme and determine whether you like it or not. Free themes also allow you to choose between many themes at literally no cost, while doing the same with premium themes would cost you hundreds of dollars.

It runs on WooCommerce (WooCommerce is awesome)!

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which turns a WordPress blog into an online store. WooCommerce is probably the most popular online store platform in the world! According to Trends, Intelligence and Internet Research 39% of online stores in the world run on WooCommerce. It means that WooCommerce powers more online stores than any other system.


More to that, in 2015 WooCommerce has been acquired by Automattic, the company which stands behind WordPress itself. Now WooCommerce has officially become a part of WordPress family. And this is probably the biggest compliment a WordPress plugin can get.

All this has a very positive effect on the WooCommerce ecosystem. Lots of great compatible plugins, extensions, themes, tutorials. The plugin is being constantly updated and improved. It can easily become a marketplace, like Etsy, or an auction platform, like Ebay. It can basically become anything you want, and it’s not hard to find a qualified developer who will help you build and maintain your WooCommerce site.

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Demo Data

BikeStore WooCommerce theme has everything you need for a quick and confident launch. For instance, it comes with the demo data package which will allow to quickly deploy the demo of our theme on your site. Demo data includes a beautiful slider featuring different cycling activities, and a set of basic online store pages with both standard and unique elements on it.


This free WooCommerce theme is well documented. The download package includes thorough documentation which describes most important aspects of theme’s installation process and usage.

All of the mentioned above makes Bike Store a great solution for your online store. You can read more about Bike Store theme and actually download it here. You may also be interested in looking at our 5 Best Furniture WordPress Themes post.

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