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StoreX 1.12 update introduces a new map plugin called Google Maps Easy. It replaces the existing map output through Page Builder shortcode. It means that once you update your theme your existing map can stop working and will start showing a shortcode instead:


From the Blog section of our demo home page will also be showing just the shortcode after the update:

To fix these problems theme will ask you to install two plugins: Google Maps Easy to add new maps and Themes Zone Add StoreX Shortcodes to bring the shortcodes back. Press “Begin installing plugins” in your WordPress dahsboard:

Install both plugins and activate them. After that From the Blog section problem will be fixed:

After the new plugins are activated you need to delete the old Google Maps page builder element from your Contacts page:

Now you need to import the actual demo map and marker. Go to Google Maps Easy -> Maps Import / Export to do this in your WordPress Dashboard:

Files to import can be found inside file located in the required-plugins folder of the latest version of StoreX:

Once the files are imported, you need to edit the demo map to change your location and copy the map shortcode:

    Once you copied the shortcode, you need to create a text Page Builder element on your Contacts page and paste the map shortcode there in the source code mode:

After that you will need to add a Page Builder element called Divider with margin value of -55 and border value of 0:

Grab the added divider and drag it so that it gets on top of the map element:

  Then add another Divider with margin value of 50 and border value of 0:

After that your map should be correctly placed on your Contacts page:

Please contact our support team if you encounter problems with your theme update.

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